So, I’m starting a new blog….

…and for those of you who’ve been playing along, you’re probably asking yourself: “Why?….why?….oh, good Lord why would you start another blog when you’re already neglecting so thoroughly?”

That’s an excellent question, my friend.  For one, TOAD is a little experiment of mine to see how many clicks I could actually generate by writing up decent, original content about my experiences with technology.  So far, the answer to that question is not very many, seeing as how I’m not a full-time journalist and can’t dedicate the amount of time necessary to actually churn out the amount of original content that search engines deem significant.  For another thing, TOAD is hosted on Blogger, and for this one I’ve decided to give WordPress a shot.  Lastly, and probably most importantly, I found certain times that I wanted the freedom to just write about – anything I wanted.  I need something that provides more freedom than I’ve allowed myself with the TOAD theme.  Although, I do expect there to be some crossover since much of my life does center around technology.  Since “The Den” will be open to my every whim and desire I do expect a wide-range of topics and formality to emerge.

I like WordPress so far.  I chose this theme because it was kind of minimalist and clean, yet not too shiny.  I chose the name because, well, I couldn’t come up with anything better.  Coming in a close second was “Ben’s Blog”, and the bronze medal went to the simple, yet non-descriptive “blog”.  So, as you can see, it really came down to alliteration versus rythme.  A Google search reveals a couple of other “Ben’s Den” sites, one being a charity set up for a young man who succumbed to Leukemia in 2003.  It’s a sad story.  The next one is an unofficial fan page for Ben Browder.  I have no idea who Ben Browder is, but it’s not me.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a theory of mine that I’ve rarely discussed.  Human beings have two hands, yet one is typically dominant over the other.  The same goes for the eyes.  Most of us know whether we’re right-handed or left-handed, but most people probably don’t know their dominant eye.  A simple test to find your dominant eye is to put your hands together out in front of your face, overlapping so that they make a little triangle in the center.  Find something on the far wall to put in the middle of that triangle and slowly bring your hands to your face, continuing to focus on the object in the triangle.  Whichever eye the triangle ends up on is dominant.  Anyway, back to my theory.  I’ve heard it told that it is unusual for a person’s dominant eye to match their dominant hand.  In fact, if you’re right-handed it’s most likely that your left eye will be dominant.  However, my dominant eye and hand are both on the right-hand side.  I believe that in those rare instances where this is the case, the eye and hand coordination will “line up” more easily and that person will be very good at aiming and shooting a gun.   Ever wonder why some people in the old west became legendary for their ability to shoot?  Same-side eye/hand dominance!  That’s my theory.  If I would have lived in the old west I would have been a legendary gunslinger.  As it is, I sit in a cubicle and answer E-mail for a living.  But, I am pretty good at “Duck Hunt“.


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