What I’ve Learned About Laterality and Poor Sondra Huxtable

Ok, so I may have been a little off on my dominant hand/dominant eye theory.  Having an entire dominant side of the body (hand, foot, eye) is called “Laterality” and it’s apparently pretty common for the same side to be dominant for many parts.  That was disappointing.  The Internet ruins all my fun.

We’ve just recently re-discovered the genius that is Bill Cosby thanks to the availability of the timeless 80’s sitcom “The Cosby Show” on Netflix.  I’m reminded of how Mr. Cosby has always been one of my favorite comedians dating back to when I used to listen to my parents record albums such as “Bill Cosby…Right!” and “Why is there Air?”.  The interactions between Cosby and on-screen son Malcom Jamal Warner are fantastic.

Something interesting we noticed in watching the 1st season is that the show originally aired with only four children, with Denise being the eldest.  Lest we easily explain Sondra’s absence by saying “she was just away at college”, I’d point out that the number of kids was key to one of the jokes in the pilot episode:

Clair: Why did we have four children?

Heathcliff: Because we didn’t want five!

Apparently they changed their minds in later episodes, as Sondra magically appears in conversations and later in the flesh.  Reminds me of the classic line from the movie Waynes World:

I mean, there are two Darrin Stevenses, right? Dick York and Dick Sargent. Yeah, right, as if we wouldn’t notice. Oh hold on: Dick York, Dick Sargent, Sergeant York… Wow, that’s weird.

Last interesting Sondra fact: The actress who played her (Sabrina Le Beauf) was only 10 years younger than Phylicia Rashad, who played her mother Clair on the show.  That means she’s 53 as of this writing.

The Cosby show first aired when I was 9 years old, which is the exact age of my oldest son now.  As an example of how well the comedy has held up, not only do I still think it’s funny, but he does, too.  Although I think we approach the humor from the opposite side now: in 1984 I thought the kids were funny.  Today I watch it through a father’s lens.

By the way, are the people who are on this crusade to get us to stop using two spaces after a period the same group that took Pluto away from us?  It sounds like their idea of fun.


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